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University Vehicle & Parking Policy

Ohio Valley University community members are encouraged to bring vehicles to campus. To ensure the safety and security of all community members, all vehicles operated on campus must be registered with the Campus Security office within 72 hours of arrival on campus. This policy applies to both North and South Campuses.

How to register:

Visit Campus Security, located in Stott’s Administration Building, Room 45 to fill out the proper paper work. It may be necessary to call 304.865.6258 to reach the on-duty guard. New students will be registered during the first week on campus.

A parking permit will be issued by Campus Security for the registered vehicle. If more than one vehicle is to be used on campus, separate permits will be issued for each vehicle. Permits will be available for pickup depending on the status of the driver. For instance, commuters may be able to retrieve their permits from the receptionist, but campus residents may receive theirs on move-in day. Due to the transient nature of security guards, regular office hours are difficult to predict. Please contact Campus Security at 304.865.6258 with questions about how to receive a permit.

Registration is free, however, failure to register a vehicle will result in a $50 fine, not to exceed one fine per calendar week.

Any change in the vehicle ownership or status, including the use of a borrowed, unregistered vehicle, should be reported to Campus Security within two business days. Community members should be aware that unreported changes may result in ticketing and that the ticket remains valid after the changes have been reported.

General Information

The speed limit on all campus property is 25 mph.

All parking regulations apply 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Bookstore customer parking is enforced Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm.

Parking is defined in WV Code §17C-1-54and that definition will be used on OVU’s campus; “Park”, when prohibited, means the standing of a vehicle, whether occupied or not, otherwise than temporarily for the purpose of and while actually engaged in loading and unloading.

Student permits must be placed on the rear windshield of the vehicle on the driver’s side. Placing the permit in any other location will result in a ticket for improper display of permit, resulting in a $25 fine. If a vehicle requires an exception, please contact Campus Security to register the exception and avoid being ticketed.

Prior permission must be granted by Campus Operations to make automobile repairs or park disabled vehicles on campus. Abandoned vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Parking on Campus

Visitor parking is reserved exclusively for campus guests. OVU provides ample parking for employees and students.

A loading zone is located adjacent to the handicap accessible parking in Lot “A” near the main entrance of Stott’s Administration Building. Handicap accessible spaces are not to be used for loading or running errands on campus.

Parking lots “D” and “I” are reserved for employees only and students who park there will be ticketed. Employees that park in this lot without a properly displayed permit may also be ticketed.

There are several “reserved” and “no parking” areas on campus designated by signage. “No Parking” areas include all fire lanes, grassy areas, or sidewalks. There is no parking above the dorm supervisor space in the driveway for Garman, Church, and Clark Halls with the exception of a one-hour grace period for unloading.

If community members fail to abide by the vehicle and parking policy, they should expect to be ticketed. Persistent violations may result in disciplinary action by the University, wheel locking, or towing at the owner’s expense.

Offenses and Fines

All student ticket violations will be charged to the student’s account 72 business hours after the violation and must be paid in the Business Office, Room 119. Students may protest their ticket within 48 business hours by calling 304.8653.6015 and making an appointment with the security supervisor. Unpaid fines may restrict students from receiving grades, final transcripts, or diplomas.

Vehicles may be ticketed for any of the following at a rate of $25 per occurrence:

  1. Parking in designated space
  2. Parked in “No Parking” area
  3. Parked in loading zone over 1 hour
  4. Parked on grass/sidewalk
  5. Permit: Not properly displayed or missing
  6. Driving across grass/sidewalk
  7. Speeding
  8. Littering
  9. Failure to register (includes placing a permit on an unregistered vehicle)
  10. Reckless acts in a vehicle

Vehicles may be ticketed for any for any of the following at a rate of $100 per occurrence:

  1. Use of handicap accessible parking without a state issued permit
  2. Unattended vehicle in driving/fire lane (exception: South Campus loading – 1 hour)

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