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OVU Alum Megan DeLancey: “Light and Salt”

Vienna, W.Va.—When Megan DeLancey began her studies at Ohio Valley University, she couldn’t have known the impact which her time on campus would have on her life, not only academically, but spiritually and personally as well.

In 2007, Megan left OVU with her Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and the academic foundation to pursue her MBA and pass all licensing exams as a tax account. Currently, Megan is a manager in the international tax practice with KPMG, LLP. Looking back, however, Megan remembers OVU professors as having a much broader influence on her development than just supplying her academic needs. They cared about her personal life too, and the small campus environment made it possible for them to nurture her as a whole person.

Having a strong church of Christ heritage from her childhood, Megan speaks of the way Bible classes, chapel, and devotionals helped to deepen her spirituality. In her words, everything combined to “cement my faith.” By the time she graduated, Megan had determined the goals which guide her decisions today: “Yes, I want to be the best professional I can be, but I also want to be an ambassador for Christ, light and salt to my clients and colleagues.”

Today, Megan, her husband Cole, and their year-old daughter Emryn are members of North Hills Church of Christ in Pittsburgh, where their special ministry lies in small group work. In Fairmont, West Virginia, as well as in Pittsburgh, Megan and Cole have enjoyed new and deeper relationships and networks because of OVU connections they share with others. Speaking of relationships, Megan met Cole through the efforts of a fellow OVU alum, Dan Casto. “Dan set me up with Cole,” Megan explains, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Megan’s closing words make clear how deeply she and Cole value the influences which OVU exert on the lives of its students and those connected with them: “Because of the positive impacts that OVU has had on my life and I know other peoples’ lives, Cole and I feel strongly about supporting OVU financially, through prayer, and however else we can, and we really hope others will have the same strong urge to support such an important and impactful institution.”

* * *

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