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Class of 2018 OVU Graduate, Chloe Miller

Vienna, W.Va.—One of Ohio Valley University’s newest academic programs, Forensic Investigative Accounting (FIA), has reached a milestone, thanks to its first female graduate in the FIA Program, Chloe Miller. Miller holds the distinction of being the first student to pass all four portions of the Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE).

The CFE is a four-part exam under the Association of Fraud Examiners. Those who take the CFE are tested on various aspects of the accounting field including financial transactions, fraud prevention, and criminal law procedures. Each part is comprised of 400 questions, totaling 1,600 in all. To pass the exam, Miller had to score 75 percent or higher on each section.

“It’s an awesome feeling and an honor to be a part of this program,” Miller responded upon learning of her accomplishment. “To work with the faculty and staff at OVU and to be connected with so many distinguished professionals in the field has been incredible.”

Miller began her career in the Accounting Program at OVU, but when FIA became available she decided to explore the opportunity: “I spoke with Mr. [Peter] Ianniciello to see if I could transfer credits and still graduate on time. I felt as if Forensic Accounting would keep me on my toes and give me more variety.” Fortunately, they were able to rearrange her schedule.

Peter Ianniceillo, Director for the FIA Program, introduced it to OVU in 2016, and according to Accounting Review Magazine, OVU’s program rated 19th in the country. Ianniceillo; who has worked with the I.R.S., the Defense Department, and Price Waterhouse Coopers; explains the advantages of the program this way: “This degree is designed to provide students both theory and practical real-world experiences to prepare them to begin careers in forensic accounting upon graduation.”

When asked what advice she would offer an incoming OVU student considering FIA, Miller says, “Try some introductory classes and see what you think. I would recommend the program if you are looking for variety in a field that offers a lot of opportunities.”

Miller further comments that while the field of Investigative Accounting is growing, educational options are not common. This factor alone places OVU in the forefront with its FIA Program, which begins its third year in 2018-2019. Students are encouraged to enroll for the upcoming semester.

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