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OVU Stepping Stones Lady Scots Chapter

Vienna, W.Va.—Stepping Stones stepped up in 2017 and raised $112,651.36 for Christian higher education in the Northeast at Ohio Valley University.

“2017 was a fantastic year for Stepping Stones. Twelve active chapters worked diligently to contribute these funds while raising public awareness of the university and making stronger relationship ties with other women with like passion for Christian higher education.

“The fund-raising projects were as varied as the women who make up our individual chapters: benefit nights at local restaurants, community yard sales, Thrift Shop sales, concession sales at special events, taco in a bag booths at city homecoming fairs, nut sales and more nut sales, golf tournaments, dinners as Taste of the South and Wednesday evening soup dinners, Rada knife sales, love feasts for funerals, special craft sales as specialty jewelry offerings, and fun Christmas dinner auctions and sweet sales.

“I love working with these multi-talented women,” said Susan Cockerham, returning Director of Stepping Stones. “Their tireless energy and passion for our cause are inspiring.”

“Although we had only 12 active chapters last year, we are always ready to start a new chapter. It only takes “one” to start a new chapter. Just call OVU to get more information on how you can start a chapter in your area,” Cockerham explained.

In 2017, Stepping Stones added a student chapter on campus. Ten students joined together for the Lady Scots chapter – they sold concessions at soccer games, held a campus wide corn hole tournament and are currently planning a February Sweethearts dinner.

The culminating activity for Stepping Stones is their annual convention which will be hosted by the Muskingum Valley Chapter on April 28 on OVU’s campus. Each chapter gives a short report on the various ways they raised their moneys – “Come and get some ideas and join in the fun!” Cockerham exclaimed.

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Chartered in 1958, Ohio Valley University is a faith-based, residential, liberal arts college founded by members of the Church of Christ. Students of all faiths are accepted and encouraged to apply. The university offers a variety of baccalaureate and master’s degrees to students from 26 states and 25 nations. To learn more visit www.ovu.edu.