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J.R. and Sonya Miller

Vienna, W.Va.—Husband and wife J.R. and Sonya Miller have quickly become fixtures at Ohio Valley University. J.R. accepted the position of Director of Spiritual Life at the beginning of the school year, and Sonya is now the head women’s basketball coach.

J.R. was asked by the OVU administration to focus on the spiritual development of both individual students and groups of students. His work has become a cooperative effort of the Office of Student Life, Intercollegiate Athletics, and Academic Affairs. He has been actively involved in the daily chapel programs and will assume the leadership of chapel programming in the spring semester.

“We felt we needed someone to work within the student body to help students with their spiritual lives,” OVU administrator Charlie Morris said.

“J.R. has already shown us what can happen as he continues with this very special role.”

“I’m excited about what we are doing in spiritual life at OVU,” J.R. noted. “And I think taking over the chapel program will be a good fit with what I’m doing.”

Sonya's Church of Christ roots run deep. Her dad, Dalton Gooden, has been a minister in Texas for over 40 years and her brother, Andral Gooden, is the minister of East Montgomery Church of Christ in Springfield, OH. Sonya credits her dad for inspiring her to coach and mentor.

Sonya has been in a mini-masters program at Harvard University. She will complete the program in May. She has considerable experience in basketball and was willing to take over OVU’s women’s program earlier this fall when the previous head coach resigned. J.R. is also helping with the team.

The OVU campus family welcomes the Millers and is looking forward to what they can bring to the spiritual development of the students.

* * *

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