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simms appointed vice president of state phi beta lambda organization

September 21, 2016 (Vienna, WV) --- Ohio Valley University student Drew Simms has been appointed to serve as vice president of the West Virginia’s state Phi Beta Lambda organization, according to officials at the state organization.

Simms was nominated for the one-year term of office at the Phi Beta Lambda national competition in Atlanta this past June. He assumed the new role at the beginning of the 2016-17 academic year this fall.

Simms is a senior energy management and production engineering major from Marietta, Ohio. He transferred to Ohio Valley University to complete his baccalaureate degree after completing associate of science and arts degrees from Washington State Community College.

“Our mantra at the state level is ‘better together,’” says Simms. “I am personally committed to working hard with the current leaders to build a more cooperative spirit among all of the Phi Beta Lambda chapters throughout West Virginia. We will be better together if we come alongside each other and build a stronger competitive presence for West Virginia at the national competition each year,” he says.

Simms said there is strength in the various chapters working together to achieve more honors at the national level. “Our goal is for the state of West Virginia to become recognized for excellence at the national competition. When we compete in these projects at a higher level it pushes us to challenge ourselves to do better. In doing that, the outcomes are more confidence, more individual leadership opportunities and more relevant and practical experience in our specific areas of interest and competition,” says Simms. “When we bring together diversity of thought from around the state to achieve a common goal, everyone wins.”

Students in Phi Beta lambda compete in a numerous areas of competition at the state level, from developing business plans to designing marketing, operational and promotional strategies for mock businesses.

In October OVU is hosting a state-wide leadership conference for Phi Beta Lambda chapter officers from around the state. The conference will feature a special workshop in leadership building presented by Dr. John Lewis, co-founder of the CoHero Institute. The CoHero Institute was formed to provide expertise in leadership and organizational learning;and to provide business leadership, management and organizational coaching and consultation. 

“Once in a long time a professor gets an opportunity to engage with a student that surprises him with the student’s ability to lead with a servant’s heart,” said Dr. Dan Blair, Dean of OVU College of Business and Phi Beta Lambda Chapter Sponsor. “However, Drew also demonstrates a unique ability to lead with integrity. He follows his colleagues closely so that he can support them in accomplishing the purposes for which God created them. I can’t wait to see what this next chapter, entitled PBL West Virginia Vice-President, will produce,” Blair added. 

For more information about Phi Beta Lambda visit http://www.wvfbla.com. For more information about the OVU College of Business contact Dr. Dan Blair at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 304-865-6135.  

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