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ovu sees third consecutive fall enrollment increase

August 31, 2016 (VIENNA, WV) — For the third consecutive year, Ohio Valley University has announced an increase in total headcount for the fall semester, according to university officials.

“In recent years OVU has been steadily and incrementally increasing enrollment,” said OVU President Dr. Harold Shank. “We have been blessed with growth and a dynamic enrollment model that is keeping us on a sustainable and strategic path to success,” Dr. Shank added.

According to Shank, OVU is experiencing unprecedented growth and change in recent years. “Our total headcount for the fall semester is 550 students, that’s up from 451 last year and represents a 22 percent increase. This includes full-time, part-time, graduate and early-entry students,” Shank said. “At OVU, student recruitment is everyone’s job. I am grateful for the work of our admissions team, faculty advisors, staff and coaches that have helped us achieve our success this year,” Shank noted.

Shank attributed the three-year incremental enrollment growth to several factors, including the addition of new baccalaureate degree programs in forensic investigative accounting, environmental and sustainability science and energy management and production engineering. “Our college of business increased in size from 97 to 152 students this fall. We have seen strong interest in these academic programs and will continue to strategically add more for the future,” he said.

Dr. Shank noted that the number of students living on campus this year is one of the highest on record. “Residential colleges like OVU offer students a co-curricular experience outside the classroom that expands their education far beyond a desk in a lecture hall. It provides them opportunities to experience personal growth in virtually all aspects of life,” he said.

Another factor contributing to enrollment growth is the addition of new athletic teams. “We’ve recently added women’s lacrosse and men’s and women’s track and field,” Shank said. “OVU is the only NCAA Division II college in the local area. We are seeing demand for these programs and providing an opportunity for local students to pursue their passion for athletics and demonstrate their skills in a very competitive conference. That’s part of our value proposition to our student athletes,” Shank added.

Ohio Valley University is also offering early college entry classes at both Parkersburg High School and Parkersburg South High School this year. “We were asked to offer classes for serious-minded students at these locations and were honored to fill that need with highly-qualified faculty,” said Shank. “The advantage to enrolling early is that students can potentially lower their overall college costs by taking courses at a discounted rate while still in high school. By doing this, students have the potential to graduate from college in under four years,” he noted.

Chartered in 1958, Ohio Valley University is a private, residential, Christian university. Students of all faiths are accepted and encouraged to apply. The university offers a variety of baccalaureate and master’s degrees to students from 27 states and 24 nations. To learn more visit www.ovu.edu today.