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It is an honor to be a student in the very first Metadisciplinary Honors Program at Ohio Valley University. OVU has created a historic honors program and opportunity for both students and for the university. Integrating every discipline into a coherent whole helps us to fill the empty space where there is uncertainty and ambiguity. Knowing the context of well-known stories in the Bible and understanding their background is one of the most powerful tools available for us as Christians in a non-Christian world. The ability of the Honors Professors to prove the credibility of the Bible through historic, scientific, legal, and archaeological evidence is simply outstanding!

Kendrick Foreman
Vincent, OH - Energy Management & Production Engineering

Being a part of this new Metadisciplinary Studies Honors Program is such an exciting thing. The Honors Professors are brilliant and have already taught us so many important Biblical, historical, and scientific truths that I did not previously know. I would love to see this program grow and continue. This is the chance to put OVU on the map and to change the culture of this university. This honors program is different than all of my other studies because the entire premise of the program is to integrate all of the academic disciplines into a coherent whole with God’s Word having the final word on everything. Continuing this program will greatly benefit OVU and change the university forever. This new honors program is preparing us for the real world and also helping us grow as Christians. When you look at the university’s mission statement, this Honors Program fits it perfectly!

Seth Hower
Lancaster, PA - Energy Management & Production Engineering

I have thoroughly enjoyed the time spent in OVU’s MDS Honors program. I have felt as though I have learned more in the first three days that I did in an entire semester in my previous non-honors courses. The Metadisciplinary approach is the way that all education should be done. The topics we are studying in this class are far more advanced than anything else I am doing. All of the information has come together to expand my Christian worldview. To be part of this first MDS Honors class is exciting and liberating. I hope many future students will have the opportunity to become a student in this one of a kind honors program. OVU has assembled the best Professors at the university and provided students with the best opportunity to learn, interact, and grow in Christ.

Brandon Brammer Brandon Brammer
Gloucester, OH - Education/Missions

This is a truly amazing honors program that I am glad to be one of its students. Everything I have learned in the class has been very interesting to me. I love the Professors’ teaching styles and how they make classes so interesting. Their teaching styles are definitely unique to any other teachers that I have had. I love the fact that we study from so many different disciplines rather than just looking at one solitary discipline. This new honors program sheds light on so many things that I would never have known if it was only taught from the perspective of just one discipline. I like my Metadisciplinary Studies class more than any class I've had. I am looking forward to everything else that I will learn and the great opportunities that I have for being in this new honors program.

I think it is truly amazing that our class is making history with this new program and that there is nothing like it anywhere. I enjoy the benefits we get. I enjoy the discussions that we get to have as a group and I know this honors program will make our group of students much closer. I will put my best effort into the program to make it as great as it can be. I’m excited for the trips we may go on or something as simple as helping someone in need. I’m so thankful to be involved in a program like this and I know that I will have many amazing experiences as part of the Ohio Valley University Metadisciplinary Studies Honors Program.

Jocee Janicki
Chandlersville, OH - Psychology

The Metadisciplinary Studies Honors Program has gone above and beyond my expectations. I am learning more in this class than I have in any other class. The Honors Professors do a great job of showing us the truth and then backing it up with proof/evidence! This is one of the few classes that I have had where I tell other people about what I have learned. I am always excited to come to class. I have no problem staying attentive for the entire class because it is so very interesting. The Professors have such a great passion for teaching and always find new and exciting things to share.

Mitchell Morris
Marietta, OH - Sports Management

Personally, I’m so honored to be part of the historic Metadisciplinary Honors Program. I really like the progress we have made so far. I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the knowledge I have already gained. The Honors Professors have been wonderful and my expectations have been surpassed in just a short period of time. I’m very excited to learn more about the Bible and how it’s integrated into the fabric of history and into all of the academic disciplines. The class is far different from any class I’ve ever taken. I feel like I’m actually learning versus just memorizing the information and parroting it back for a test. The Professors’ knowledge and expertise are helpful to all of us. They explain things very well and encourage us to have discussions about what they are talking about. They all model Jesus in a lifestyle fitting of the name—Christian!

Sabrina Lauer Sabrina Lauer
Reedsville, OH - Energy Management & Production Engineering

I am greatly enjoying this new honors program. I have learned so much already and it is knowledge and its applications to my life that I know I won’t soon forget. The things I have learned have added depth to my understanding of the Bible and history in general. The Professors are doing a fantastic job teaching us and in being a Christian example in word and deed. I think it is great that they research every point in depth. They also have great enthusiasm, which has spread throughout the class. I am so happy to be part of this historic program and I look forward to all that I will gain from it in my four years as an honors student.

Lindsey Bitgood Lindsay Bitgood
Burke, VA - English

The new Metadisciplinary Studies Honors Program has far surpassed my expectations. The way the Professors integrate the subjects we learn about is interesting, important—and all material is historically accurate. Even after going to a single class I felt that I’ve learned very useful things. This program is better than my regular classes for the reasons that I just stated. The Professors really go a step farther with everything they do. They engage students and the information that they teach us stays with us. Overall, joining this new honors program is one of my best decisions at OVU. I feel like this program will further my knowledge as well as prepare me for living in the real world.

Todd Goocey
Marietta, OH - Energy Management & Production Engineering

The MDS Honors program is a wonderful program and the Professors are experts in what they are teaching. The Honors class gives us the opportunity to learn that history, science, math, and English, etc., are not separate academic disciplines. Subjects do not happen apart from each other in a vacuum—but they are one long story and single subject. By teaching “a curriculum of everything” the Professors are able to present us with all the facts that history and science provide us. The MDS Honors course presents a unique opportunity for us to also bring in guest speakers and to learn from them—integrating them within our curriculum.

Thomas Weatherford
Central, SC - Energy Management & Production Engineering

I am truly glad that I am a student in the first Metadisciplinary Studies Honors program at OVU. I love how we learn so much just in one class. In one day we go over history, archeology, different languages, and so much more. I really like being in a class were you can look at the Bible and see how everything can be related back to it. The Honors Professors are really good. They teach so that we can really understand what they are saying. The Professors care about us individually and as a whole. I love how the Professors have taught us to write research papers. I have already found this new method very useful. I cannot say enough about how glad I am to be in such a great honors program here at OVU.

Krysten Carter Kyrstin Carter
Philippi, WV - Early Childhood

I have been enjoying the new Honors Program. What is special about it is the fact that we use a “meta” approach to integrating every discipline into a coherent whole—with God’s Word being infused into every part and having the final word. All throughout High School, you would hear in your math class how math relates to physics, but never really learned how it did. In English, we would read different literary documents, yet we never received any background of what was happening during the time that the documents were written. Constantly, I was told that I would learn these things in other subjects, but never would. This new honors program is completely different! In this course, I am learning the historical background and context of everything that I am studying, which has opened my eyes to the fact that the Bible events and people did not happen in a vacuum—but occurred in time-space history. This course has helped me grow in my understanding of the world and its works. The world is truly interconnected!

Allison Vaughan Allison Vaughan
Davisville, WV - Accounting

This new honors program is what is needed in schools to help young people not only get a good education, but to get an education that connects learning to Biblical knowledge. After knowing the history and knowledge of the past, it helps me personally to have a deeper understanding of the Bible. The Honors Professors are calm and reassuring, because they know the facts. They have taken so much time to learn the material and how to integrate the Bible with history and the other academic disciplines. This class is a stress-free environment where we can just absorb the information that is being taught to us.

Forrest Funkhouser
Farmington, WV - Energy Management & Production Engineering

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