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The MDS Honors Program

Ohio Valley University is pioneering a new honors academic program anchored in a Biblical worldview where disjointed inaccessible islands (siloes) of academic disciplines are integrated with God’s Word into a unified and coherent whole thereby allowing students to learn that their Christian faith is not separate from their chosen academic field and that there is no clash between secular truth and Biblical truth (Philippians. 4:8-9). The Bible alone is the absolute criterion and standard of propositional truth that transforms all beliefs, lifestyles, cultures, authorities, and yes—even all academic disciplines!

Student Learning Outcomes
Students who complete the Metadisciplinary Studies (MDS) Honors Program will be able to:

  1. Use Use the elements of critical thinking to improve reasoning ability in all areas of study/life;
  2. Demonstrate a “meta-integrative” perspective in their work revealing how God’s Word transforms all academic disciplines;
  3. Cultivate the principles of dialogic argument and research in effective written and verbal communication skills;
  4. Compare, contrast and explain the Biblical and cultural significance of different historic ages;
  5. Demonstrate a conceptual understanding of the arts and humanities/liberal arts as expressions of culture and of one’s experience of the world, leading to heightened aesthetic sensitivity and personal involvement;
  6. Assume Christian leadership roles and be socially conscious; and
  7. Apply annually for national scholarships.

This new honors program is called The Metadisciplinary Studies (MDS) Honors Program. The word “meta” can mean “from above” or “along with” with the word “disciplinary” meaning “any area of knowledge.” The Metadisciplinary method of teaching and learning integrates God’s transcendent (“from above”) yet immanent Word, the Bible, within (“along with”) that unified whole of the liberal arts (humanities), the sciences, and professional studies—thus creating a transformational “seamless curriculum.”

Students in the MDS Honors Program will acquire two indispensable core proficiencies that will profit them for the remainder of their lives—they will learn how to think and they will learn how to learn. The MDS Honors Program fosters critical thinking by having students contemplate a topic from multiple frames of reference. Students will develop into creative problem-solvers, critical thinkers, team players, effective communicators and writers, and competent to examine the big picture and offer contextually applicable and successful answers to life’s big questions.

Make your mark on the world. Join the MDS Honors Program.