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OVU Humanities Program


The Bachelor of Arts in Humanities will enable you to earn a broad, liberal arts education while also developing a concentration in a field that you choose. The degree is designed to strengthen your critical thinking and communication skills, two skills highly valued by employers. Due to its flexibility, you can use this degree to help prepare you for graduate or professional school in a number of different fields. Because of the large number of elective credits, it gives students the opportunity to explore diverse academic disciplines; the large number of elective credits also makes this degree attractive to those who transfer colleges or change majors.

Requirements for Bachelor of Arts in Humanities
Students majoring in humanities must meet the following requirements:

  1. Satisfy the General Institutional Requirements for a Bachelor’s Degree.
  2. Satisfy the requirements of the General Education program, which includes the following:
    • General Education Course Requirements
    • Bible Course Requirement
    • Writing Competency Requirements
    • Diversity Requirement
    • Foreign Language Requirement
  3. Receive formal admission to the humanities program, preferably during a student’s sophomore year; the application is part of HUM 299.
  4. Meet the following grade requirements:
    • Earn at least a 2.5 GPA on courses taken to fulfill Humanities requirements
    • Earn a grade of C or higher on all required Humanities courses
  5. Earn no more than 6 hours of electives in technical fields.
  6. Complete 6 credit hours in a single foreign language.
  7. Complete 54 credit hours, distributed as follows (these courses are in addition to those taken to fulfill general education requirements):
    • 15 credit hours selected from the following (for this requirement, five different prefixes are required; however, 3 credits in Theatre-related courses and 3 credits in Communications will be considered as two different prefixes):
      • 3 credit hours of upper-level Communications (COM)
      • 3 credit hours of upper-level English (ENG)
      • 3 credit hours of upper-level History (HIS)
      • 3 credit hours of upper-level Literature (LIT)
      • 3 credit hours of upper-level Religion (REL)
      • 3 credit hours of Art (ART)
      • 3 credit hours of Music (MUS)
      • 3 credit hours of Theatre (COM 115, 117, 121, 123, 133, 221, 231, or 343)
    • 15 hours of humanities electives (see below for an explanation of what coursework would be considered humanities), of which 9 credit hours must be upper-level, and no more than 9 credit hours in any one field.
    • Humanities Practicum (HUM 489) for 3 credit hours
    • Humanities Senior Seminar (HUM 451) for 3 credit hours
    • 18 credit hours in a minor or concentration, selected from the following options:
      • Any minor established in the catalog
      • 18 credit hours in any one department
      • 18 credit hours organized around a theme chosen in conjunction with the student’s advisor and approved by the faculty of the School of Liberal Arts

Coursework in these areas would be considered humanities: Anthropology, Art, Communications, Foreign Languages, Human Geography, History, Literature, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, and Religion; coursework from other departments will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.