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OVU History Program


The history major at Ohio Valley University is designed to meet the needs of students who are challenged by the past and who see its relevance today and in the future. Because we live in an ever-changing world, it is vital to understand what issues and trends have molded us into what we are and what we will become. History is the basic element that ties all the academic disciplines together and gives insight into how they developed, not in a static vacuum, but in a dynamic environment that has been shaped by all events, all persons, and all knowledge.

History is a discipline that promotes a general understanding of the human condition and hones a number of life skills vital to every profession, like critical thinking, information gathering and synthesis, and inductive and deductive reasoning. The history major prepares students for many professions, though typically the history major is a traditional avenue into law, government service, and teaching.

Requirements for Bachelor of Arts in History
Students majoring in history must meet the following requirements:

  1. Satisfy the General Institutional Requirements for a Bachelor’s Degree.
  2. Satisfy the requirements of the General Education program, which includes the following:
    • General Education Course Requirements
    • Bible Course Requirement
    • Writing Competency Requirements
    • Diversity Requirement
    • Foreign Language Requirement
  3. Receive formal admission to the History program, preferably during a student’s sophomore year; the application is part of HIS 299.
  4. Earn no more than 6 hours of electives in technical fields.
  5. Complete 6 credit hours in a single foreign language.
  6. Complete 51 credit hours, distributed as follows:
    • ENG 299    English Program Admission (0 credit hours)
    • 24 credit hours of required foundational courses:
      • HIS 131    Western Civilization I (3 credit hours)
      • HIS 132    Western Civilization II (3 credit hours)
      • HIS 133    United States History I (3 credit hours)
      • HIS 134    United States History II (3 credit hours)
      • HIS 299    History Program Admission (0 credit hours)
      • HIS 300    Historical Methods and Research (3 credit hours)
      • HIS 451    History Senior Seminar (3 credit hours)
      • HIS 489    History Practicum (3 credit hours)
      • ENG 333    Professional Writing (3 credit hours)
    • 9 credit hours of United States history, chosen from the following:
      • HIS 301    West Virginia History (3 credit hours)
      • HIS 311 Colonial American History (3 credit hours)
      • HIS 312    American Revolution (3 credit hours)
      • HIS 313    Early American Republic (3 credit hours)
      • HIS 314    Civil War and Reconstruction (3 credit hours)
      • HIS 315    Gilded Age and Progressive Era (3 credit hours)
      • HIS 316    Emergence of Modern America (3 credit hours)
      • HIS 317    Contemporary American History (3 credit hours)
      • HIS 460    Women’s History (3 credit hours)
      • HIS 49X    Any upper-level special topics HIS courses with an emphasis on American history
    • 9 credit hours of upper-level world history (including 3 credit hours of non-Western history), chosen from the following:
      • HIS 321    Modern European History, 1650-1900 (3 credit hours)
      • HIS 323    Non-Western History (3 credit hours)
      • HIS 453    World History since 1945 (3 credit hours)
      • HIS 461    Renaissance and Reformation, 1400-1648 (3 credit hours)
      • HIS 49X    Any upper-level special topics HIS courses with an emphasis on world history
    • 9 credit hours chosen from the following (at least 3 credit hours must be upper-level courses):
      • HIS    Any upper-level history course listed above
      • HIS 305    Environmental History (3 credit hours)
      • HIS 135    US Government (3 credit hours)
      • HIS 231    Global Politics (3 credit hours)
      • HIS 232    Introduction to Geography (3 credit hours)
      • CRJ 334    Constitutional Law (3 credit hours)
      • CRJ 440    Civil Rights and Liberties (3 credit hours)
      • REL 341    History of the Christian Church (3 credit hours)
      • REL 342    Restoration Church History (3 credit hours)
      • REL 441    Major World Religions (3 credit hours)