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OVU English Program


Ohio Valley University seeks to fulfill its mission by preparing students for employment or for graduate study in English and language arts. This program is also designed to prepare English education majors in critical areas such as literature, writing, grammar, the media, language, and other aspects of communication.

Courses are designed to include faith-based concepts and to prepare students academically for their chosen careers. Because the major provides students room for many elective credits in their degree program, it gives students the opportunity to explore diverse academic disciplines.

Requirements for Bachelor of Arts in English
Students majoring in English must meet the following requirements:

  1. Satisfy the General Institutional Requirements for a Bachelor’s Degree.
  2. Satisfy the requirements of the General Education program, which includes the following:
    • General Education Course Requirements
    • Bible Course Requirement
    • Writing Competency Requirements
    • Diversity Requirement
    • Foreign Language Requirement
  3. Receive formal admission to the English program, preferably during a student’s sophomore year; the application is part of ENG 299.
  4. Meet the following grade requirements:
    • Earn a grade of B or higher in College Writing I (ENG 131) and College Writing II (ENG 132).
    • Earn at least a 2.75 GPA on the required literature, genre, and writing courses.
    • Earn a grade of C or higher on all required courses.
  5. Earn no more than 6 hours of electives in technical fields.
  6. Complete 6 credit hours in a single foreign language.
  7. Complete at least 15 credit hours of upper-level English (ENG) or literature (LIT) courses at Ohio Valley University.
  8. Complete 47 credit hours, distributed as follows:
    • ENG 299    English Program Admission (0 credit hours)
    • 27 credit hours of required literature courses:
      • LIT 235        Western Literature through the Renaissance (3 credit hours)
      • LIT 236        Western Literature since the Enlightenment (3 credit hours)
      • LIT 301        American Literature to 1865 (3 credit hours)
      • LIT 302        American Literature since 1865 (3 credit hours)
      • LIT 310        Novel (3 credit hours)
      • LIT 411        Foundations of Literary Theory (3 credit hours)
      • LIT 441        British Literature to 1800 (3 credit hours)
      • LIT 442        British Literature since 1800 (3 credit hours)
      • LIT 446        Shakespeare (3 credit hours)
    • 6 credit hours of genre requirements chosen from the following:
      • LIT 309        Short Story (3 credit hours)
      • LIT 313        Poetry (3 credit hours)
      • LIT 314        Dramatic Literature (3 credit hours)
    • 6 credit hours of writing requirements:
      • ENG 301    Advanced Grammar and Composition (3 credit hours)
      • ENG 333    Professional Writing (3 credit hours)
    • 6 credit hours chosen from the following:
      • Any LIT or ENG course
      • Any foreign language course beyond the 6 credit hours required
      • COM 121    Theatre Appreciation (3 credit hours)
      • COM 123    Introduction to Film (3 credit hours)
      • COM 238    Media Writing (3 credit hours)
      • COM 330    Oral Interpretation of Literature (3 credit hours)
      • EDUC 237    Children’s Literature (3 credit hours)
      • EDUC 422    Young Adult Literature (3 credit hours)
    • ENG 451    English Senior Seminar (2 credit hours)