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Elementary and Secondary Education Teacher Preparation Programs

Ohio Valley University’s School of Education prepares students to become professional educators through the 21st Century Learning model, which includes: knowledge of the subject, learning skills, technology, real-world relevance, global awareness, and effective assessment.

OVU Teacher Certification Programs

Elementary Education

Secondary Education

  • Biology (Grade 9-Adult)
  • Earth & Space Science (Grade 5-Adult)
  • English (Grade 5-Adult)
  • General Science (Grade 5-Adult)
  • Math (Grade 5-Adult)
  • Social Studies (Grade 5-Adult)
  • Special Education (Grade 5-Adult)

Wellness Education (Health & Physical Education, Preschool-Adult)

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OVU’s College of Education also offers a Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Curriculum and Instruction through the School of Graduate Education.

High Need and Low Need Certifications:

As a teacher education major at OVU, you may have a clear preference for a certification level (elementary or secondary) and a discipline (English, math, general science, biology, earth and space science, social studies, wellness, or special education). If not, do not be concerned. Your beginning courses can fit with any teacher education program and will allow you time to decide. Getting involved in teacher education activities early helps you with your decision about age group and subject area you may want to teach.


If you want to be highly marketable, consider completing a math, science, or special education certification program. In most states, educators with those certifications are in high demand. Secondary English and social studies positions are often open in school districts. Fewer positions are open for elementary (kindergarten-sixth grade) and wellness (physical education and health), and they are considered “low-need” category in many areas.

Teachers are in demand:

You can find a teaching position in larger cities and most rural areas quickly with most certifications if you are willing to go where the jobs are. Secondary education teachers in particular are in demand. You may also seek a dual certification (i.e. elementary education plus secondary math) to strengthen your credentials.

Program requirements

Each program requires that specific criteria be met for admission, retention, and completion. These three transition points are important because they provide opportunities for professional reflection and growth with the help of the teacher education faculty. Each student will apply for admission to the teacher education program in the semester when the 11 criteria will be met, preferably by the end of the sophomore year. A student who has not been admitted to the program is not permitted to take courses that require admission or to student teach.

Key Information:

  1. Students admitted to a teacher preparation program must have ACT scores of 20 or above OR SAT Combined Critical Reading and Math Score of 990 or above.
  2. Students must achieve a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better before admission to student teaching.
  3. Students grow as professionals in three areas: professional ethics and behaviors, content knowledge, and teaching skills.
  4. Students take two sets of Praxis tests. The first set, taken early in the program, is the CASE basic skills tests in reading, writing, and math. The second set, taken before student teaching, is the Praxis II tests for the program.
  5. Students complete two fulltime student teaching semesters, with at least one in the area around OVU. This allows our faculty members to provide supervision. Students usually complete their programs in eight semesters


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Jo Pennington
Dean, OVU College of Education
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The College of Education's 11 certification programs and non-certification Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction have served undergraduates, career changers, and teachers renewing their certifications. The programs prepare teachers who are student-centered, flexible, and continuously improving to meet the needs of today's P-12 students and future structures for effective teaching and learning. Data on our students’ achievement in key assessment areas is available here:

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