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OVU Energy Management & Production Engineering (EMPE) Degree

Energy Management & Production Engineering Degree - cohorts are limited, apply today

Ohio Valley University’s Bachelor of Science degree in Energy Management & Production Engineering (EMPE) is designed to provide students with entry-level capabilities to manage operations within the energy industry.


Bachelor of Science in 4 Years

Bachelor of Science in 4 years!

Small Cohort Learning Experience

Small cohort learning experience

Hands-on Training and Internships

Hands-on training and internships

Whether your career interests lie in domestic or global oil & gas, coal, electric, nuclear, solar power, energy pre-law, project management, pipelines, or intelligent energy switches, OVU’s Energy Management & Production Engineering (EMPE) program provides young men and women opportunities to graduate with work-ready management skills to lead organizations, departments and project teams in the seven trillion dollar (per year) energy industry. EMPE students gain contextual knowledge of production engineering principles and 21st century science. In cooperation with TRAX Energy Solutions–the world’s leading supplier of high-fidelity, fossil plant operator training simulators–students receive expert power industry training and certificate as a requirement for degree completion. In addition, students engage in guided experiential learning internships at energy-industry sites—whether in the U.S. or abroad. By design, this program produces work-ready talent characterized by high moral values and integrity.

Program Acceptance

Full-time students are admitted to the EMPE program based on their high school Grade Point Average (GPA of 3.0 or greater on a 4.0 scale) or a minimum standardized test score (ACT Composite Score of 21 or greater, or a SAT Combined Score of 1550 or greater). Business students who choose to minor in EMPE, should follow the prerequisite, academic sequencing, and other standards provided in the course descriptions and syllabi detailed in the current OVU Academic Catalog. Curriculum for the program was developed with careful consideration to an energy industry undergraduate validated competency model.

View a sample 4 year curriculum for this program


A key part of this curriculum is a tri-part 3 academic credit hour internship, where each summer session will obligate the student to take 1 academic credit hour of internship:

Freshman Summer
Energy industry research paper and presentation

Sophomore Summer
1 week shadowing exercise with energy industry executive, manager, and engineer

Junior Summer
Internship at a sponsoring energy industry company

Individuals who selected the minor concentration are required to take a 1-summer, 3-credit internship course.

Learning Community

Also supporting the professional socialization of the EMPE students is the current development of an innovative industry-wide learning community by Symphony Education. The first educational cohort (25 students) is being formed for delivery of the EMPE program in Fall Semester, 2015. Each subsequent semester a new cohort will be added to the program of study, following the same curriculum sequence.

Web-based educational marketing research indicates that 47% of the majors designated as “most employable” are in Engineering and Business. The median starting pay for energy management graduates is around $75,000, with a median starting pay of $51,700-$97,900. If these figures are correct, and assuming the total current cost of OVU EMPE degree (tuition, fees, textbooks, room, board) at approximately $80,000, plus the High School diploma earning power of $20,000 per year (opportunity costs), the educational Return On Investment (ROI) would be 58% after four years of work in the energy industry. This is a very positive employment outlook for a graduate of the OVU’s EMPE program.

EMPE Minor

A business minor in Energy Management & Production Engineering (EMPE) is available to OVU full-time students who major in any of the other majors in the College of Business. They must qualify with a High School GPA of 3.0 or greater on a 4.0 scale, or an ACT of 21 or greater composite score, or an SAT of 1550 or greater combines score, or an overall college GPA of at least 3.0 in all courses taken at the postsecondary (College) level, OR permission of the Chairman of the EMPE program. Since there is a requirement for a 3-credit summer internship, students must full-time register for two consecutive semesters after the summer in which they take their internship to qualify for the minor in EMPE. An EMPE application must be completed and submitted to the Chairman of the EMPE program, before a student may be admitted to take any EMPE course. The EMPE business minor is composed of 20 credit hours of EMPE courses plus a 3-credit summer internship.

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