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OVU Energy Management & Production Engineering (EMPE) Degree

Energy Management & Production Engineering Degree - cohorts are limited, apply today

Energy powers our world! Everything we use depends on it, from driving to and from your job or school every day, to the food you eat, to the devices you use to communicate, to medical care. Are you ready to take advantage of opportunities in this $7 trillion-dollar worldwide industry? If your answer is “yes,” OVU’s Energy Management & Production Engineering (EMPE) program is for YOU.


Bachelor of Science in 4 Years

Bachelor of Science in 4 years!

Small Cohort Learning Experience

Small cohort learning experience

Hands-on Training and Internships

Hands-on training and internships

About the Program


By design, EMPE produces work-ready talent characterized by high moral values and integrity. Whether your career interests lie in domestic or global oil & gas, coal, nuclear, wind/solar power, energy pre-law, project management, pipelines, or intelligent energy switches, OVU’s Energy Management & Production Engineering (EMPE) program provides graduates with opportunities to enter industry with work-ready leadership skills to manage organizations, departments and project teams in the growing energy industry.

Ready for Business

While the name may imply EMPE is an engineering program, it is actually a business program which prepares you to capitalize on opportunities in the world’s energy sector. EMPE teaches you to understand the engineering side of the industry, but it is also HEAVY on business as well. Like medical care, there will always be a demand for energy across the globe. This provides a strong chance for a meaningful career after graduation, providing job security even during economic downturns. Our students have had internships in the US Congress, with solar and fossil fuel companies, etc. and graduates have found jobs as far away as Ghana.

Highly Credentialed

EMPE students also receive instruction in Project Management and are provided the opportunity to test for the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certificate from the Project Management Institute (PMI) upon graduation. This in-demand credential acts as a discriminator during career selection, providing an industry qualification to greatly increase chances of meaningful employment that few other graduates have.

Industry & Community Collaboration

EMPE has received significant attention in the higher education community and from elected officials at the state AND at federal level – not just because of our innovative degree program, but also because of our collaboration on the construction of a clean coal (gasification) power plant being built right here in the Parkersburg area. This facility, known as “OVU-Alternative Clean Energy (ACE)” will serve as a learning environment for EMPE students and provide an opportunity to “get your hands dirty” in a REAL, working industrial setting. By-products such as electricity, industrial chemicals, fuels, and gases will be sold on the open market and revenue will come back to OVU for campus operations, scholarships, facility upgrades, and other student and institutional needs. Even though construction won’t be complete until 2019, contracts are already in-place for our plant-produced synthetic diesel fuel with Love’s Truck Stops, and for our jet fuel with Southwest Airlines.

Take the Lead

Through it all, STUDENTS are in the lead! Join EMPE and you can lead too.



Program Acceptance

Students are admitted to the EMPE program based on their high school Grade Point Average (GPA of 3.0 or greater on a 4.0 scale) or a minimum standardized test score (ACT Composite Score of 21 or greater, or a SAT Combined Score of 1550 or greater).

View a sample 4 year curriculum for this program


A key part of the EMPE curriculum is a three-part (total 3 academic credit hours) internship, where each summer the student to participates in an internship:

Freshman Summer
Energy industry research paper and presentation in at the Fall OVU Energy Colloquium

Sophomore Summer
1-week shadowing exercise with energy industry executive, manager, and engineer

Junior Summer
Internship at a sponsoring energy industry company or government activity

Individuals who selected the minor concentration are required to take a 1-summer, 3-credit internship course.

EMPE Minor

A business minor in Energy Management & Production Engineering (EMPE) is available to OVU full-time students who major in any of the other majors in the College of Business. They must qualify with a High School GPA of 3.0 or greater on a 4.0 scale, or an ACT of 21 or greater composite score, or an SAT of 1550 or greater combines score, or an overall college GPA of at least 3.0 in all courses taken at the postsecondary (College) level, OR permission of the EMPE Program Director. An EMPE application must be completed and submitted before a student may be admitted to take any EMPE course. The EMPE business minor is composed of 20 credit hours of EMPE courses plus the 3-credit summer internship.

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Sample 4 year curriculum for the EMPE program.

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For more information:

Jason D. Nulton, PMP
Director, Energy Management & Production Engineering
1 Campus View Drive
Vienna, WV 26105
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